The 6th International Workshop on Creativity, Technology and Learning Management, January 2018

Title: 6th International Workshop on Creativity, Technology and Learning Management
Dates: January 15, 2018 ~ January 19, 2018
Venue: The Japan Research Centre at Maikoya
The Japan Association of Teachers and Researchers in Asia proudly presents the international workshop on Creativity, Technology and Learning Management geared towards scholars and practitioners. The Creativity, Technology and Learning Management workshop conducted by the Japan Association of Teachers and Researchers in Asia is a great opportunity for teachers and administrators alike to gain hands on applied teaching skills in a cross-cultural environment of Japan. This international workshop is conducted to help the participants gain valuable insights into the fundamentals of classroom management, pedagogy, creativity, critical thinking and technology in education. Participants will not only improve their skills in an academic setting but also have a chance to observe teachers and learners in a local school.
After participating this workshop you will be able to
  • Understand the basic concepts of pedagogy, scaffolding, proximal development, student diversity and human motivation
  • Gain the skills of effective classroom management by fostering independent learning, recognizing individual differences, motivating each student by implementing engaging teaching techniques and by maintaining positive learning environment
  • Individually prepare and present a focused, consistent and globally acceptable course syllabus
  • Distinguish between negativity and constructive criticism
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the selection and use of appropriate ICT tools to enrich learning and increase the effectiveness of evaluations
  • Get a good sense of professional education standards such as ISTE and INTASC
Day I
Teaching and learning theories
Human development
Learning and motivation
Effective in-class communication strategies
Positive Attitude in Classroom
Lesson planning
Syllabus and curriculum development
Engaging Teaching methods
Critical Thinking & Creativity
Student Creativity
Creativity and Creative Teaching methods
Monitoring Progress and performance assessment strategies
Culture and learning. Field trip to a Japanese kindergarten
Culture and learning: Field trip to a Japanese university
Your instructor will be selected from the pool of instructors who are members of ATERA. The instructors have a PhD, international background, and at least 10 years of teaching experience.
Both academicians and practitioners can apply to the program. The applicants must have at least a masters degree or be currently enrolled in a post-graduate program.
Those who are interested should send an inquiry via email at least 1 month before the program date.
Step 1: Apply via email
title: Workshop inquiry
Content: Personal information, current affiliation, highest level of education, recent CV, workshop title and dates you are interested
Step 2: Pay the participation fee
We will get back to you regarding your application promptly and  we wil send you an acceptance letter. We will also send you a secure link to pay the participation fee.
Participation fee: $400
Step 3: Participate in the workshop
After successfully completing the workshop, you will be given a certificate by ATERA that certifies you fulfilled all the requirements of the workshop and gained the skills necessary for the area of study.
Workshops are usually held in the Japan Conference Centre of Maikoya Osaka. Maikoya Osaka is conveniently located in Shinsaibashi Osaka only 40-minute ride from the Kansai International Airport.
  • We do not sponsor any participant. Our acceptance letter cannot be used to obtain a visa to Japan.
  • You can get more information about ATERA organization here
  • Please bring your own lap top, we may not be able to provide you with a computer.
  • Please make your hotel accommodation as early as possible. Hotels in Japan get to be fully booked often especially during the peak season.
  •  The participation fee does not cover your meals.
  • If you have any questions please drop us a message at

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